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Unsheathed - Live sur
From Wed Apr 9 12:44:55 1997 "Unsheathed" by +Live+ from the album Secret Samadhi Tab by Andy Adelewitz ( Really simple, actually. I tabbed it in standard tuning because I'm too lazy to tune down a half step every time I wanna play a Live song. If you're tuned down a half step, simply add 1 to every number and you're all good. The intro/verse riff is like this: E-|--------------------------------------------------------------| B-|----1/4-step bend------1/4-step bend--------------------------| G-|---/---\--------------/---\-----------------------------------| D-|-8/-----\--6-------8/-------\---6----8---5b6r5b6---5b6r5h6r etc..... A-|--------------6-----------------------------------------------| E-|--------------------------------------------------------------| A second guitar strums down a G# (466544) here and there. At the end of the first verse, the heavy part comes in. Bsus2 G#5 E-|-2-2-----2-2-----2-2-----2-2---------| B-|-2-2-----2-2-----2-2-----2-2---------| G-|-4-4-----4-4-----4-4-----4-4---------| D-|-4-4-----4-4-----4-4-----4-4-----6~--| A-|-2-2-----2-2-----2-2-----2-2-----6~--| E-|---------------------------------4~--| After the third verse and staccato Bsus2's, it goes into the "Free love..." part. Play G#m - Am7 x3 then B5 G#m Am7 B5 E-|-4------5---------------| B-|-4------5---------------| G-|-4------5-----------4---| D-|-6------5------9-or-4---| A-|-6------7------9----2---| E-|-4------5------7--------| That's it. That's all there is to it. I may be wrong on the G#m - Am7 progression, but that's as close as I could get. They may be using partial barre chords (577600), a trick they appear to have picked up on this album (like the F#7add4 in the Century verses). See if it sounds good to you this way.