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 Downtown de Lloyd Alex

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Downtown - Lloyd Alex sur Guitariff.net
Alex LLoyd - Downtown Submitter: Sam Frost (samuelfrost@yahoo.com) Comments and criticism welcome. Intro e-0---------------------------------------- B-0---0--3-0-0-1-3-0--1-1------------------ G-0-0-----------------0-0------------------ D-0-------------------2-2------------------ A-2-------------------3-3------------------ E-3---------------------------------------- G the same ... C Em speaks for you today G C Em repeated for next two lines of verse G and the ... C F vanished in the haze Chorus: D F (calling downtown) C G No reasons did they owe tell me ... D came to be DF CGD for 2nd part of chorus too Then Back to G C(with intro) Verse as above G C Em x 3. G C F Repeat chorus 'its a stranger' - chorus chords