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 Shes A Girl de Lloyd Cole

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Shes A Girl - Lloyd Cole sur Guitariff.net
You'll have to listen to the album to play along to get it right for awhile. Its kind of hard to sing and play at the same time. Words are from memory so they might not be exact. D/F# xx423x G5 3x0033 F#m 244222 A xx222x Em7 022033 E5 x22xxx Cadd2 x32033 ^ upstroke F#5 x44xxx D xx0232 D5 x00xxx E 022100 / downstroke Bm x24432 Asus2 x02200 Intro D/F# A E5 F#5 E5 D5 (Fig 1 [used in all verses]) / ^ / ^/ / ^ / ^ / (Fig. 1 once for each line) Well she did understand him so she guessed he was deep She had never been to college and was to dumb to be G he lead her to the altar thinkin he'd be laughin last Now the lady in question is his better half (Chorus) D F#m E D Shes gotta be the stupidest girl I've ever seen F#m E D Don't care who, why or where I've been F#m Bm She's got a right to be everything that's wrong with me E D But she doesn't wan't to understand that she's a girl and I'm a man (Fig 1 again) (Same as first verse) He thought that woman and drinking made a man out of him But the extent of his study left a jaded man G when she lead him to the altar he was easily led And when they ask him if he did, well, this is what he said Chorus Solo over verse chords Bridge G Em7 Cadd2 Everytime I see her She gives me a new reason to be in Em7 love tied up in love Cadd2 And when I see her she says you're not cool you're just like Asus2 me You're a stupid man Get over Cadd2 here Take my stupid hand Asus2(hold) Its alright yea yea Fig 1. about 4 times then chorus and fade Working on a few other Lloyd masterpieces - keep watching this space.