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 He Said She Said de Loudon Wainwright

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He Said She Said - Loudon Wainwright sur
Here is a transcription of 'He Said, She Said' by Loudon Wainwright III. (Possibly the USA's most underated singer songwriter?) It is transcribed from a TV performance on 'Loudon & Co' transmitted 13 July 1994 here in the UK. It was played with a capo at the second fret and using barre chords for the C#m A and B The A and B chords are played with the E-shape at the 7th and 9th frets. (? due to the capo?). The C#m is played with an A-minor-shape at the 4th fret. There is only one slight complication which I will try and explain which is marked in the text as 'C riff' because I don't know how else to describe it. He starts with a normal three fingered C chord but emphasising the 5th string and using a little progression down to the 6th string before the next chord which is the E or B 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 3 2 0 0 x x x 3 G for example the sequence is: 3[5] 2[5] 0[5] 3[6] E-chord 3[5] 2[5] 0[5] 3[6] B-chord Please do not talk softly. When carr y ing your stick Had I known how difficult this was going to be to explain I may never have started :-) Anyway here we go. Hope you like it. He Said, She Said Loudon Wainwright III ----------------- --------------------- Capo II C#m A C#m A E Lets talk about sex. [Monitor? There it is.] C#m A She was trying to get him to talk to her C#m A E While they were doing the deed C#m A He said "Baby I'm the strong and the silent type" C#m A E She said "That's not what I need" C riff E "Please do not talk softly" she said C riff B "When carrying your stick" C#m A He said "Actions can speak louder" C#m A B She said "It don't do the trick" C#m A She was all over him in the A.M. C#m A E He said "Baby you don't understand C#m A Just about once a night I'm alright C#m A E But I'm not much of a morning man. C riff E I'm not quite awake yet C riff B I could use a cup" C#m A She said "How about a loving spoonful darling? C#m A E That might get you up" [Guitar Break] C riff E C riff B C#m A (D A) C#m A E C#m A The other night she was biting him C#m A E While they were doing it in the dark C#m A He said "What are you somekind of vampire baby?" C#m A E She said "I just love to leave my mark C riff E Maybe it's a tendency" C riff B "I hope it's just a phase" C#m A You can't be too careful people C#m A B With these diseases these days. C#m A She was trying to get him to spank her C#m A E She said "It feels so fine" C#m A He said "I'm not that kind of man baby C#m A B That's where I draw the line" C riff E Then she said "You can draw the line there C riff B You can draw a circle, draw a square. C#m A I don't mind a parallelogram. C#m A E Just put your pencil there! C#m A I don't mind a rhomboid C#m A E Just put your pencil there!" ------------------------------------ The opinions expressed are mine and not those of my employer.