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 Am A Losin de Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Am A Losin - Lynyrd Skynyrd sur
"Am I Losin'" Lynyrd Skynyrd From the acoustic album G I recall when I used to come home, never had a dime F C Lord, I always had a good time. G I recall drinking wine, with one of my friends F F Lord, I cain't go back again G F C (chorus): Am I losin' my own way back home G F C Am I losin' a good friend that I've known G F C Am I losin' won't ya tell me how I've sinned G F C Why I'm losin one of my best friends G(pick for 1/2 measure) I recall this friend of mine, I knew so well F C Goes to show oh Lord ya just cain't tell G Now my friend won't talk to me, let me tell ya why F C Thinks I changed because of a dollar sign Chorus Solo (pick through the chords with feeling) It's so strange when ya get just a little money You're so called friends want to act just a little funny (Yes they'll blame you) But I'm not the one thats here to blame It's you my friend and it's really a change It's a shame-ame, such a shame Am I losin' once again G Why these things happen Lord, I don't understand F C Lord, they can sure hurt a man G Why won't my friend take me, as I am F C 'Cause your friends Lord are the most important thing Chorus (speak) Tell me people, what good is that? (play chords once through) ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// | Hobbes "Truth Hits Everybody" | | East Carolina University -- The Police | | C.S.A | //////////////////////////////////////////////////////