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 Poison Whiskey de Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Poison Whiskey - Lynyrd Skynyrd sur
This CAN be played on an acoustic, as that is all I play. You need to put some extra punch in the strum and hit the bass string with emphasis! Poison Whiskey (from the boxed set) Lynyrd Skynyrd G Daddy was a cajun babe G Raised on Southern land G Some'uv of my kin folk tell me G Was a street fightin' man C Well they rush him down to see the doctor C Hey! Doctor check his head G The only thing that was wrong with him was Uncle Johnny's Red D He drank ol' bootleg whiskey G Until it killed him dead G Happened back in the bayou baby G Many year ago. G Satan came to take him G And did it real slow C Well they rushed him down to see the doctor C The Doctor just shook his head G 20 years of rot gut whiskey done killed this poor man dead D He drank ol' bootleg whiskey G And it killed him dead (solo) Take a tip from me people Brother, cain't ya see Ain't no future in no poison whiskey They goin' to rush you down to see the Doctor The Doctor goin' to check your head The only thing he's goin' to tell you baby Stop drinking Johnny Walker's Red D Don't drink poison whiskey C G Don't you drink it boy ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// | Hobbes "Truth Hits Everybody" | | East Carolina University -- The Police | | C.S.A | //////////////////////////////////////////////////////