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 Simpleman de Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Simpleman - Lynyrd Skynyrd sur
This song can sound good clean or distorted. If you find any mistakes let me know {}. This is just about as close to perfect as I can make it. Enjoy....... Intro, Verses (Hold down the chords and its alot easier) C______________ G______________ Am_____________________| E--------------------------------------------------------0-----3-0| B--------------1-------------------------------1-----------1------| G--------0-------0---0---------0---------2-------2---2-------2----| Repeat D----------2-------2-----0-------0---0-----2-------2---2----------| A--0-2-3-----3-------------2-------2---0-----0--------------------| E----------------------3-----3------------------------------------| Chorus (Overlaps Last part)(Distortion) For this part when you get to the "b" pull the the string down and then back up "r" then go to the next note. E------------------------------------| B------------------------------------| G------------------------------------| D------------------------------------| A-0-2-3--5b-r-3-----5b-r-3-----------| E----------------3---------5--0-3-0-5| b=bend r=release Harmony Part This overlaps the verses. E------0----1-0------------ B--1-3----------3---------- G--------------------0---0- D-------------------------- A-------------------------- E-------------------------- Idont feel like making the solo so you'll have to figure that one out. Well thats it. Lata