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 Grey Day de Madness

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Grey Day - Madness sur
"Grey Day" (Barson) By Madness, 1981 Transcribed by Richard W This song is easy to play, and is quite slow INTRO/FILL: g:----------------------- d:-----0----------0------ a:--------1-3--------1-4- e:--3----------3--------- VERSE: G A When I get home... I'm black and... G A ... CHORUS: Bb C A G begins a... Bb C D G begins a.. BRIDGE: C# C In the park I h.. C# A I lie down and I d.. C# C The rain is falling o... B I wish ... That's it. Let Me Know if you disagree with any of this, or if you have figured out any other songs by the band... (email address changes, so check to site above for current contact details).