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 American Life de Madonna

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American Life - Madonna sur
Artist:Madonna Album:American Life Song:American Life (from the album) There's not much to this song,as great as it is,it's basically more techno beats than guitar but here's what I've worked out anyways. (No Chord) C I have to change my name...........   (Sounds better to play bar chords here).      F#m I tried to be a ...                    C# I tried to be the best,I guess I did it wrong,                         Bm Thats why I wrote this song                F#m This type of modern life,is it for me...... Repeat for G I went into a bar.... At second verses This type of modern life line,play this riff.   e--------------------------------------------------- B------2----------3---2----------------------------- G----------2---------------------------------------- D------4-----0-------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------   F#m          C#   F#m                   C# Oh american life,I live the american dream     Bm                        C# You are, the best thing I've seen     Bm               C#          You are, not just a dream.   At the end of 2nd chorus keep playing Bm and C#    The riff is used mostly after this chorus esp at the rap part.   F#m  244222     C# 446654    Bm 224432  I declare it all my own work If you wanna email me go ahead.:)   ________________________________________________________________________________ C you Yahoo!? The New Yahoo! Search - Faster. Easier. Bingo.