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 Like A Virgin de Madonna

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Like A Virgin - Madonna sur
Artist: Madonna Title: "Like A Virgin" Album: "Like A Virgin," "Immaculate Collection Vol. 1" Composed by Billy Steinberg, Tom Kelly Tabbed by Chris Clark This is really in F#, so use a capo on the first fret for melodic accuracy, or slide everything up a half-step. Comments and crits to: ### Tab: Guitar Tuning: Standard F (bass line) F I made it...somehow I made... Gm F Didn't know...I found... F I was Gm Dm ...made me feel Gm Dm ...made me feel Csus4 C C9 C Shiny and new Chorus F Like a virgin...very first time Gm Like a virgin F ...heart beat... Dm Gm Whoa, whoa, whoa... (x4) G G G Opening bass line e -------------------------I B -------------------------I G -------------------------I D --3--O-----3-3--O-----O--I A --------3----------3-----I E -------------------------I ### Recommended chord positions F e --1--I B --1--I G --2--I D --3--I A --3--I E -(1)-I Gm e --3--I B --3--I G --3--I D --5--I A --5--I E --3--I Dm e --5--I B --6--I G --7--I D --7--I A --5--I E -----I Csus4 e -----I B --6--I G --5--I D --5--I A --3--I E -----I C e -----I B --5--I G --5--I D --5--I A --3--I E -----I C9 e -----I B -----I G --7--I D --5--I A --3--I E -----I G e --3--I B --3--I G --4--I D --5--I A --5--I E --3--I _________________________________________________________________