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 Silver Thunderbird de Marc Cohn

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Silver Thunderbird - Marc Cohn sur
I'm starting with the chorus because I don't remember the verse. [G] You can keep your Eldorado [C] And the foreign car's ab[G]surd Me, I wanna go down [D] In a Sil[C]ver Thunderbird [Em] [D/F# bass] [G] [Em] [D/F# bass] [G] [C] [D] [Em] [D] [G] Watched him [G/B bass] comin' up [C] Wins[G/B]low Down [Am] South Park [G] Boulevard [D] Yeah, he was [Em] lookin' [D/F#] good from [G] tail to hood [G] Great big [G/B] fins and [C] painted [G/B] steel Man it [Am] looked just [G] like the [D] Batmobile With [Em] my old [D/F#] man be[G]hind the wheel Well you could [Em] hardly even [D] see him in [C] all of that [G] chrome The [Em] man with the [D] plan and the [C] pocket [G] comb Yeah, but [Am] every [G/B] night it [C] carried him [D] home If you get his more recent album (The Rainy Season?) I think he does some guitar stuff on it. The first album was better, in my opinion. John -- -------------------- __ _ John Punshon | / l \~-_ "Not so | ,----~~~~--+-----`--~----____ goddamned Saskatoon, Canada | @ /~_~\ | ~ | /~_~\~~~-, fast!!" | \_ ( (_) ) \_______| ( (_) )_-~ -a passenger | ~~\___/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\___/~