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 This Property Is Condemned de Maria Mckee

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This Property Is Condemned - Maria Mckee sur
This Property Is Condemned (M.McKee) from the album "Maria McKee" submitted by> (This is a loose version on this song. Chords may not be exactly right. The Em - C progression covers most of the song.) Intro: Em C ( x 8) Verse 1: (Em C) 27th wagon, full of cotton Was parked outside my chicken shack door I kept my crib covered up in satin In case my baby came around for more Now I feel, Daddy, somethin's not the same G Am 'Cause there's weeds, and there's rust And the roof won't hold the rain Em C Em Chorus: G Am I remember better days C Lace in every window G And roses round the gate Em Am Now they've chased away all my friends D And they've locked me out Am C And hung a sign on the fence And it says this property is condemned (Back to : Em C (x4)) Verse 2: Take me down the Vieux Carre Where a little girl can get a bed or a bite If you should see me Coughin' round the corner Won't you mix a little sugar with my tonic tonight I can feel like I'm part of the parade G Am 'Cause I feel like there's bourbon Slappin' around in my veins Em C Em Chorus Verse 3: I got a new tiara, Daddy Take me to the Mardi Gras Buy me cotton candy, dress me up in satin Let me be your babydoll We csan ditch that social worker In and out the swinging doors on Tchoupitoulas Street You may call me jailbait But I aint too little to take the heat I can feel, phantoms blowin' thru my brain G Am And I feel, like I need someone to make em go away Chorus Fade out on Em - C