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 Easter de Marillion

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Easter - Marillion sur
e: Sun, 10 May 1998 17:53:06 +0000 artist : Marillion title : Easter from the album : Seasons end, 1989 transcribed by Olav B Holm and Andreas Nilsen Intro G D Em C x2 Verse 1 G D Em C A ghost of a mist was on the field G D Em C the grey and the green together G D Em C The noise of a distant farm machine G D Em C out of the first light came Verse 2 G D Em C A tattered necklace of hedge and trees G D Em C on the southern side of the hill G D Em C Betrays where the border runs between G D Em C where Mary Dunoon's boy fell Chorus D C Am Em Easter, here again, D/F# Em/C C/G G a time for the blind to see D C Am Em Easter, surely now, D/F# C Em/D D C/D D Em/D D C/D D can all of your hearts be free Verse 3 G D Em C Out of the port of Liverpool G D Em C bound for the north of Ireland G D Em C The wash of the spray and horsetail waves G D Em C the roll of the sea below Repeat chorus D Em Hm Em/C x2 Guitar solo D Em Bm Em/C x4 Em/D D C/D D x4 Em D/E C/E D/E x2 Em/C D/C C D/C x2 G Am C G G What will you do? Make a stone of your heart? Am Will you set things right? When you tear them apart? C Will you sleep at night? G With the plough and the stars alight? G What will you do? With the wire & the gun? Am That'll set things right When it's said and done? C Will you sleep at night? G Is there so much love to hide? G Am C G repeat / fade ___________________________________________