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 In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death de Marilyn Manson

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In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death - Marilyn Manson sur
Song: In the Shadow of the Valley of Death Artist: Marilyn Manson Album: Holy Wood As tabbed by Joe Muggah Standard tuning Guitar 1 is accoustic Bass in Dropped A Chords used: Asus2 Am G F C ** D e-----0------0----3-----1----0--/--0---------------- B-----0--*h--1----3-----1----1--/--3---------------- G-----2------2----0-----2----0--/--0---------------- D-----2------2----0-----3----2--/--4---------------- A-----0------0----2-----3----3--/--5---------------- E-----------------3-----1--------------------------- * The Asus2 is always followed by a hammer on Am ** The C is always followed by a slide to the D Intro: Asus h Am Asus h Am Verse 1A (Guitar 1) Asus2 h Am Asus2 h Am We have no future, Heaven ... ....... ....meee G Asus2 h Am G Asus2 h Am We burn ourselves to heeell, as fast as it can beee. C F I wish .... ....... ..... king C / D Then I'd know that I .... Verse 1B (Synthasizer arranged for Guitar 2) e--------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------- G----7-5-----7-5-----7-5-----7-5---7--2-4-2--- D----------------------------------5---------- A-0--------0------0-------0------------------- E--------------------------------------------- Verse 1B (continued) e--------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------- G-7--2-4-2---0-----------------------0---0---- D-5----------2---3-2---0---4-2-4-2---2---4---- A------------3---------2-------------3---5---- E----------------------3---------------------- Verse 2 Bass G--------------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------- A-0--12-10--0---10-8--0--8-7--8-7--5-7-5------ Verse 2A (Guitar 1, strumming the chords) Am Asus2 h Am ("Death is a policeman, Death is a priest...") Verse 2B (Guitar 2) e-8------8------8-----8------8------8--------- B---10-----10-----10----10-----10-----10------ G------9------9------------9------9----------- D--------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------- Intro Verse 1A Verse 1A, 1B Verse 2A, 2B, Bass A mellow song, at least until Verse 2. A really cool song. _________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at