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 Im Crying Again de Mark Heard

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I'm Crying Again Mark Heard Album: Stop the Dominos E The headlines in the dailies are the horses in a race they lead you to believe that life and death are common place A C#m B E some believe it. And I'm crying again. ... Chorus E A B C#m A E Very quietly, the world loses blood overnight E without a fight. A B C#m A E In the morning, the sickness will hide in the light B out of sight. The middle solo is very tricky and I just go nuts with different kinds of stuff. at the very end E C#m B E And I'm Crying Again E C#m B A And I'm crying again C#m B A oo mmmhm. When I saw Mark in St. John NB in 1983 he did I'm Crying again. It looked like he did it in the key of Eb with an alternative tuning. I either tune the guitar 1 step down or just do it in E BTW the Beatles 'A Day in the Life' and 'I'm Crying Again' are my all time favorite songs! Note also that in the metronome (bass) mark uses a rhythm that is hard to demonstrate without tablature.