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 Symphony Of Destruction de Megadeth

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Symphony Of Destruction - Megadeth sur
Constantinos Nikou> writes: Someone please post SYMPHONY OF DESTRUCTION by Megadeth. Thanx Costa I havent played this in a long while, I know the main rhythm is right, but dont really remember the chorus parts or solo. e-------------------------------- B-------------------------------- G-------------------------------- D-------------------------------- A-3-2--2----3-2--2--------3-2--2- E-1-0--0----1-0--0-1-3-1--1-0--0- the low E with A5 G#5 G5 for the prechorus (finger these as x77xxx etc. I think), the chorus is also really easy but I dont remember offhand. e----- B----- G----- D---9-8---7---5 A---7-7---7-----7 E-0-----0---0-----7~~~ something like that. It should be easy to figure out, this has to be the simplest song Megadeth has ever recorded.