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 Low Mans Lyric de Metallica

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Low Mans Lyric - Metallica sur
Low Man's Lyric By Metallica From Re-Load Low Man Lyric Tab by Travis Niesen Tune Down Half Step Riff 1 (Intro and Verse) A G6 D2 E G e-------0-----------------0--------------0------------0-------0-------- B---------2----------------2-----------3---3------------0-------0------ G------------2----------------0------2---------2----------------------- D---2------------------0-----------0----------------------------------- A-0------------------2------------------------------------------------- E-----------------3--------------------------------0-------3----------- My eyes seek reality Riff 2 Am Em The trash fire is warm Am Em But nowhere safe from the storm Am G And I can't bear to see C What I've let me be B G wicked and worn Am Em G as I write to you Am Em Of what is done and to do Am G Maybe you'll understand C And won't cry for this man B B cause low man is due please forgive me!!!! Strum Chords from riff 1 Riff 2 Strum chrods from riff 1 Riff 3 Am F e---------------------------------------------------------------------- B-------1-------------0-----------------0------------------------------ G-----2---2---------2---2--------2--0h2---2---------------------------- D---2-------------2---------------------------------------------------- A-0-------------0------------------------------------------------------ E----------------------------1----------------------------------------- Strum chrods from riff 1 Riff 2 Strum chrods from riff 1 Riff 3 End with riff 1 Well that's it!!! I beleive this is one of the best ones on Re-load and I hope METALLICA decides to do more of them. Anyways, the song is all there so have fun with it. Travis Niesen