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 Sucking My Love de Metallica

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Sucking My Love - Metallica sur
SUCKING MY LOVE by Metallica Originally by Diamond Head. This song I consider Metallica's rarest cover. It was only recorded once, at a demo session that was recorded at the same time (not sure if it was the same session or just one close to the same time) as the original 'Killing Time' and 'Let It Loose' and I think the original 'Hit the Lights' - (the one on Metal Massacre) were recorded. It is only available on a couple of bootlegs. The Diamond Head version is available on their 'White Album' and 'Lightning to the Nations' along with the 'Am I Evil' single, and probably other albums and singles. Both versions of this song just rule. The music here is what I heard and figured out listening to the Diamond Head version, because I don't own a copy of the Metallica version. This is probably how Metallica plays it also. I only figured out the main riff. If i ever find music for this or figure out other parts of the song, I will post them. Well..enough of the typing. Here's the song. Tabbed by Paul Halvorson Repeat a whole bunch of times. P.M -----| P.M. -------| P.M. -----------| ||------------------------------------------------------------------------|| ||------------------------------------------------------------------------|| ||*----------------------------------------------------------------------*|| ||*----------------------------------------------------------------------*|| ||------------10--7---------------------5h7------------------------5h7----|| ||---0--0----------------------0--0--------------------0--5--7------------|| =============================================================================== == TABLATURE EXPLANATION == =============================================================================== ---------- ---------- ----5h8--- Hammeron ----(8)--- Ghost Note ---------- ---------- ----5p8--- Pulloff ---------- ---------- ---------- ----5/8--- Slide Up -----x---- Dead Note ---------- ---------- ----5\8--- Slide Down ---------- ---------- ||------|| Repeat Start & End ----5~~~-- Vibrato ||*----*|| ---------- ||*----*|| ---------- ||------|| Rhythm: w = whole note W = dotted whole h = half note H = dotted half q = quarter note Q = dotted quarter e = eighth note E = dotted eighth s = sixteenth note S = dotted sixteenth ^ = triplet =============================================================================== == Created with a shareware version of the BUCKET 'O TAB == == tablature creation software for Windows == == For more information: == == email: == == US Mail: The Bucket, 3176-B5 Summit Square Dr., Oakton, VA 22124 == ===============================================================================