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 March Of The Dead de Metallica

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March Of The Dead - Metallica sur
Song: March Of The Dead Artist: Kirk Hammett Album: S&M Tune guitar down 1/2 step Use a metal slide eb------------------------------------------------------------------- Bb------------------------------------------------------------------- Gb--/7~~~--7--6--7~~~~---/10-10~\--9-9~\--7-7~\--6-6/7~~--/******\--- Db------------------------------------------------------------------- Ab------------------------------------------------------------------- Eb------------------------------------------------------------------- ******slide over fretboard towards fingerpick,=20 if you got the feeling, you know what I mean :) Repeat the whole bunch one time, then slide in to 'Fuel',=20 the car engines are a bit tricky,=20 this sequence is played on the Db and the Gb string. This little 'intermezzo' has been played by Kirk in a lot of MetallicA's = recent (1998-present) gigs. The Eb-tuning is great to do more slide-solo-stuff,=20 for example 'Ain't My Bitch' and 'Turn The Page'.