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 Turn The Page de Metallica

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METALLICA - Turn The Page ALBUM: Garage Inc. Em X22XXX D XXX232 A XX222X C 332X1X Em on a long and lonesom ... D you can listen to the engine... A Em you can think about the woman.... Em and your thoughts will soo be ... D when your riding sixteen ... A you don't feel much like ridi... CHORUS: D Em but here I am, on ... D Em here I am, up ... D A here I go, ... C D Em there I go, ... CHORUS out there in the spotlight, ... CHORUS +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ + Nemanja Maroti - UMMaroti@cc.UManitoba.CA + + "Playin' a Bass is like doing Limbo, it's all about how low + + you can go." + +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ --------------923043E86FB243E1AF91460E--