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 Wherever I May Roam de Metallica

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Wherever I May Roam - Metallica sur
Wherever I may roam Metallica This is probably mostly for guitar but I figured it out on bass. There was no other version so if this isn^Òt right, (which it probably isn^Òt) send the right version. G:-----------------------0-0-2-------------------------------------------| D:---------2-2-3-2------------3----2---2-2-3-2----------------2----| A:----------------------------------------------------------0-1-2--------| E:----0--------------------------------------------------------------------| Then^Å G:--------------------------0-0-2------------------------------------| D:---------2-2-3-2----------------3--------2-2-3-2--------------| A:----------------------------------------------------------0-1-2-3-| E:----0----------------0-----------------0---------------------------| That^Òs just the beginning though. The rest you'll have to figure out. _________________________________________________________________