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 Black Or White de Michael Jackson

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Black Or White - Michael Jackson sur Guitariff.net
Michael Jackson - Black or White (Dangerous) Tabbed by: Mark McCudden (GrOOvejetNT@netscape.net) This is a great Michael Jackson piece... Most tabs on the net were wrong and aggravated me so I decided to tab it out myself with the real chords used. They can be played in this octave or an octave lower. Riff 1 - Intro & Verse ( The (0)'s are ghost notes… Play them if u think they sound good)Just not sure about that Bm!? E5 A5 Emaj Bm EMaj e|------------(0)---(0)---(0)---------(0)--(0)-----| B|------------14-14-14-14-14----12----12---12------| G|----9\------14-14-14-14-14----13----11---13------| D|----9\------14-14-14-14-14----14----12---14------| A|----7\-------x--x--x--x--x-----x-----x----x------| E|---(0)-------------------------------------------| Pre-chorus - The little staccato chords played at the end of each phrase is A5 (Kickin Dirt in my eye…) A5 B5 e|-------------- --------------| B|-------------- --------------| G|----2-----2--- --4-----2-----| D|----2-----2--- --4-----2-----| A|----0-----0--- --2-----0-----| E|-------------- --------------| The Heavier Part - Let the Low E5 ring out when you're strumming it... and play the higher Em staccato. E5 Em e|----------------12-x-x-12-----| B|----------------12-x-x-12-----| G|----------------12-x-x-12----*| D|----2-x-x-2-2----------------*| A|----2-x-x-2-2-----------------| E|----0-x-x-0-0-----------------| Rap Part - Play this A7 chords with a funky rhythm…You'll have to listen to get the timing right... e|----15-x-x-(14)--x------15-x-x-15--x---| B|----14-x-x-(13)--x------14-x-x-14--x---| G|----14-x-x-(13)--x------14-x-x-14--x---| D|---------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------| Final two Chords - Let the last Chord Ring Out e|------------------| B|------------------| G|---x----x-----9---| D|---4----8-----9---| A|---2----6-----7---| E|------------------|