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 Music And Me de Michael Jackson

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Music And Me - Michael Jackson sur Guitariff.net
"Music And Me" (Fenceton/Cannon/Marcellino/Larson) Title track from the 1973 Michael Jackson album Acoustic Intro: contains E:-0---2---7---5-4---2- b:---0---0---0-----0--- g:--------------------- d:--------------------- a:--------------------- e:--------------------- Verse: E G#m A G# F#m We've been together for such a long time... E B A G# F#m E Music, music and me... Bridge: A G#m Only know wherever I go... F# B11 ...close as two friends can be... That's it. If you need them, lyrics can be found on any good MJ/J5 site. http://www.geocities.com/kesmaster.geo Let me know if you disagree with any of this... (email address changes, so check to site above for current contact details). Hope you enjoy the song!