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 One More Chance de Michael Jackson

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One More Chance - Michael Jackson sur Guitariff.net
Written by R. Kelly >From the 2003 album "Number Ones" The strings are in D Intro (from Ron G remix) E:-3-2-0---0-0------7x-7- b:-------3---1--0-3----7- g:-----------0---------4- d:-----------2----------- a:----------------------- e:----------------------- Verse: E:-2--3--- b:-2--3--- g:-3--4--- d:-4--5--- a:-4--5--- e:-2--3--- "If you see"... E:------- b:------- g:------- d:-6----- a:-7-5-3- e:------- Chorus E:-------- b:-7--9--- g:-7--9--- d:-7--9--- a:-5--7--- e:----8--- Chorus sub E:-----0-3-2-------- b:-2-3-------3--2-3- g:------------------ d:------------------ a:------------------ e:------------------ That's it. Lyrics on any MJ site. Let me know if you disagree with any of this, or if you have figured out any other songs... (email address changes, so check http://www.geocities.com/kesmaster.geo current contact details). Hope you enjoy the song! Richard