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 You Rock My World de Michael Jackson

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You Rock My World - Michael Jackson sur Guitariff.net
"You Rock My World" By Michael Jackson Taken from the 2001 album Invincible. Transcribed by Richard This song is pretty easy, and has an R'n'B feel. VERSE (piano and bass arranged for guitar): g:---------------------------- d:---------------------------- a:--3-2-0---0---0-2----------- e:------------------0--0------ CHORUS (horns arranged for guitar): g:--0-2-2---0-2-2-------0-2-4---- d:-----------------2--2-------2-- a:------------------------------- e:------------------------------- BRIDGE: g:--7--4------7-------|--7--4------------ d:--7--4-7----7--5-4--|--7--4-7---5--7--- a:--5--2-7----5--5-4--|--5--2-7---5--7--- e:-------5-------3-2--|-------5---3--5--- That's it. Let me know if you disagree with any of this, or if you have figured out any other songs... (email address changes, so check http://www.geocities.com/kesmaster.geo current contact details). Hope you enjoy the song!