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 Kitty de Michael Knott

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------------------------------------------------------ | Kitty | | by: Mike Knott | | CD: Rocket and A Bomb | | from: seljos@bethel.edu (Joe Selness) | | copyright: (C) 1994 Brainstorm Artists Int'l | ------------------------------------------------------ Chords: G(320003) G4(320013) C(x32013) F(xx3213) D(x00232) Intro: G - G4 - C - F - C 2x G G4 C F C G G4 C Kitty, Kitty Courtesy F C G G4 C G G4 C Won't you please tell me what's in the pot G G4 C F C G G4 C Kitty, Kitty courtesy F C G G4 C F C G G4 C Smells kind of human, tell me that it's not D C She never lets me in D Whenever she's cookin' C G Don't you find that kind of queer D C That woman's so old and scary D Heard that once she was married C G but her husband disappeared G G4 C I'm gettin' dry heaves F C G G4 It's coming down the hall C F C G G4 It's seepin' through my wall C F C G Stop that cooking please G G4 C What's cookin' Kitty F C G G4 Smells kinda human C F C G G4 C Ooh, I'm about to vomit F C G Please tell me that it's not