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 Make Me Feel Good de Michael Knott

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Make Me Feel Good - Michael Knott sur Guitariff.net
"Make Me Feel Good" Written and Performed by Micheal Knott >From the Brainstorm/Word album "Rocket and a Bomb" 1994 Stormie Laine Publishing ASCAP Intro 2x: G / / / Am / / / F / / / / / / G Am F When you're down G Am F No one wants you around G Am F And when you shake your fist G Am F It's tough to get a kiss G Am F And when you scream G Am F It's easy to be seen G Am F But it's harder to be missed Am G F When you're down F Chorus: Yeah F Yeah A7 Make me Feel Good Like I'm something When you win Everyone wants in And when you reach the sky You feel obligated to buy And when you drink No one makes a stink And no one says good-bye When you win Chorus Instrumental Break When you spill Someone might make a big deal Someone might slip it into the trash It all depends on the cash And when you're scared 'Gonna act like you don't much care You want to get out fast When you spill Chorus Outro just repeats the words "Make me feel good, Make me feel good like I'm something" over and over again to verse chord progression. Transcribed by Jeff Nordstrom From: shansen@cln.etc.bc.ca