Midnight Oil

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 Shakers And Movers de Midnight Oil

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H stands for B in America h stands for Bm c stands for Cm cis stands for C#m. Cis stands for C# and so on. The notation C(g" f" e" d" c") means you play C major plus the line g" f" e" d" c", where g" means the note g on the upper E string etc. Shakers and Movers - Midnight Oil A D A fis D E A A D A fis A D A D A D A fis Won't you come on down the line D E A Away from barren ground A D A fis The harlot and the autocrat D E A Are they driving you further down E fis h fis The season's rhymes, they anchor me D h Against the raging tide A D A fis Take you to the last wild place D E A Skin and the stars they embrace A D A fis A caveman could a saint become D E A In a hospital ward on the Somme E fis h fis We can dive into distant amoebas D h fis E fis E Our wings could melt in the sun CHORUS fis E I can shake fis G I can move fis h fis E But I can't live without your love fis E I can break fis G Over you fis h fis D fis D fis E But I can't live without your love A D A fis Our poet Henry Lawson he named them D E A The lay 'em out brigade A D A fis A D A D Here they come there they go A D A fis Oh great god of development D E A Don't really know you yet A D A fis Coastline hosed down washed away D E A Economics, now there's nothing left E fis h fis Tomorrow's child takes concrete footsteps D h D A A E And they'll drink champagne or be damned D A E And the storm is breaking now D A E Yeah the storm is breaking now D A E Yes the storm is breaking now CHORUS CHORUS (intro part)