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 Someday I Suppose de Mighty Mighty Bosstones

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Someday I Suppose - Mighty Mighty Bosstones sur
e: Sat, 04 Apr 1998 12:55:37 -0600 Someday I - Mighty Mighty Bosstones Transcribed: Dirk Cushenbery ( Intro:( af, ga, BbaBb, aff) 5 xs ; [F][gm][Bb] 2xs There was a [F]place and the [C]name of the place escapes me. [F]When I can't remember [Bb]it irritates me. Could [F]be I can't remember could [C]be I choose to not let's [F]move the song along and [Bb]try to find the plot. There was a [F]girl and I [C]don't know her name either. [Bb]She gave me love and I said I'd never leave her. If I [F]did I'd come [C]back someday and find her. [Bb]Maybe I will I should write down a reminder. One [F]day! [gm][Bb]one day who knows. Some[F]day! [gm][Bb]someday I suppose. There was a [F]verse that [C]I was going to write I haven't [Bb]yet, But there's still a chance I might An open[F]book that [C]I still want to close I'll find the [Bb] time someday I suppose A place in [F]time I [C]want to be expand the story [F]line that's happy in the end (afgf, afga, bb) [F]Plans and making promises, [Bb] certainly absurd, [F]I can't wait to shed/share these ?dreams? be[gm]fore they close the curtain One [F]day! [gm][Bb]one day who knows. Some[F]day! [gm][Bb]someday I suppose. The [F]more I sort it out the [Bb]more it gets distorted. I [gm]sort of think I'm better off just [Bb]leaving it unsorted. The [F]more I try to change its course the [Bb]more off course it goes. Of [gm]course I'll reach my destination [Bb]someday I suppose. [F]Sort it out, get [Bb]distorted [gm]one day who [Bb]knows. Hide [F]behind, unre[Bb]ported [gm]someday I [Bb]suppose. (Repeat all but 3rd verse)