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[3 songs] Miserlou (Aka "the theme from Pulp Fiction.") Dick Dale and the Del-Tones popularized Miserlou in 1962. Recently, the Pulp Fiction soundtrack introduced another generation to the tune. In fact, though, Miserlou is a Greek folk tune from waaaaay back. Dick Dale's '62 version largely defined the surf sound. He played it on Fender outboard spring reverb tank (along with a classic Stratocaster through a 1961 Showman setup). The original folk tune has lyrics, but -- as you surely know -- surf music does *not* have lyrics! Dick Dale just shouted "hu!" and "haa!" in a couple of spots. Dick Dale doublepicked Miserlou left-handed and upside-down at blinding speed. I've simplified this tab to emphasize Miserlou's melody. The original thus has about four times as many notes as you see here. Dick Dale apparently learned to speed-pick from his Lebanese uncle, who played an oud with a turkey quill. Dick Dale still tours -- don't miss him! The popular '62 version of Miserlou sometimes *sounds* a semi-tone higher than it appears here, especially in the lower ranges. StratoCossack attributes tuning and/or recording flukes to the '62 version, however. Later recordings and observationos at live performances bear out the approach set forth here, which resolves in E and puts exactly two octaves between the first and second guitar passages. If you want to mimic the '62 sound, trying bumping up the first guitar passage, on the low E string, by a semi-tone. Recorded: Dick Dale and the Del-Tones, 1962 Tabbed: Tom W. Bell tomwbell@aol.com>, 1995 (with "Team Cowabunga," esp. StratoCossack, helping with the lead guitar, and Rick Weber helping with the trumpet) h --> hammer-on (and, sometimes, play in same beat) p --> pull-off (aka hammer-off) (and, sometimes, play in same beat) s --> slide # --> rest = --> hold note a beat 1pick --> singlepick 2pick --> doublepick "hu!"; "haa!" --> various shouts Tempo: Presto con huevos! (Doublepick all guitar passages unless otherwise indicated.) E|---------|---------|---------| B|---------|---------|---------| G|---------|---------|---------| D|---------|---------|---------| A|---------|---------|---------| E|-#-#-7s0-|-0-0-0-0-|-0-0-0-0-| "hu!" "hu!" "haa!" E|-----------|------------|---------|--------| B|-----------|------------|---------|--------| G|-----------|------------|---------|--------| D|-----------|------------|---------|--------| A|-----------|------------|---------|--------| E|-0-0h1-4-5-|-7-7h8-11-8-|-7-7-7-7-|7-7-s-0-| E|-----------|------------|---------|---------| B|-----------|------------|---------|---------| G|-----------|------------|---------|---------| D|-----------|------------|---------|---------| A|-----------|------------|---------|---------| E|-0-0h1-4-5-|-7-7h8-11-8-|-7-7-7-7-|-7-7-7-7-| E|-----------|-----------|---------|---------| B|-----------|-----------|---------|---------| G|-----------|-----------|---------|---------| D|-----------|-----------|---------|---------| A|-----------|-----------|---------|---------| E|-8-7h8-7-5-|-7-5h7-5-1-|-4-4-4-4-|-4-4-4-4-| 1pick E|-------------|-----------|---------|-7sssss0-| B|-------------|-----------|---------|---------| G|-------------|-----------|---------|---------| D|-------------|-----------|---------|---------| A|-------------|-----------|---------|---------| E|-5h8-7h8-7-5-|-7-5h7-5-#-|-1-4-0-0-|---------| E|-0-0h1-4-5-|-7-7h8-11-8-|-7-7-7-7-|7-7-7s0-| B|-----------|------------|---------|--------| G|-----------|------------|---------|--------| D|-----------|------------|---------|--------| A|-----------|------------|---------|--------| E|-----------|------------|---------|--------| E|0-0h1-4-5-|-7-7h8-11-8-|-7-7-7-7-|-7-7-7-7-| B|----------|------------|---------|---------| G|----------|------------|---------|---------| D|----------|------------|---------|---------| A|----------|------------|---------|---------| E|----------|------------|---------|---------| E|-8-7h8-7-5-|-7-5h7-5-1-|-4-4-4-4-|-4-4-4-4-| B|-----------|-----------|---------|---------| G|-----------|-----------|---------|---------| D|-----------|-----------|---------|---------| A|-----------|-----------|---------|---------| E|-----------|-----------|---------|---------| singlepick E|-8-7h8-7-5-|-7-5h7-5-#-|-1-4-0-0-| B|-----------|-----------|-------0-| G|-----------|-----------|---------| D|-----------|-----------|---------| A|-----------|-----------|---------| E|-----------|-----------|---------| trumpet solo (2pick all, or 1pick vibrato & 2pick trills): E|-----------------|-----|----------|-----|---------|---------| B|-----------------|-----|----------|-----|---------|---------| G|-----------------|-----|----------|-----|---------|---------| D|-----------------|-----|----------|-----|---------|---------| A|-----------------|-0===|==------0-|-2===|==-#-0h2-|-3==-2h3-| E|-#-0-1-3-4-0-1-3-|-----|---55p4---|-----|---------|---------| E|-------|-----|-----|---------------|-----------------|-----| B|-------|-----|-----|---------------|-----------------|-----| G|-------|-----|-----|---------------|-----------------|-----| D|-------|-----|-----|---------------|-----------------|-----| A|-6==-6-|-7===|====-|-#-8p7h8-777-5-|-777-7p5h7-555-3-|-2===| E|-------|-----|-----|---------------|-----------------|-----| E|-----|--------------|---------|-------|-----------------| B|-----|--------------|---------|-------|-----------------| G|-----|--------------|---------|-------|-----------------| D|-----|--------------|---------|-------|-----------------| A|2===-|#-5p3h5-333-2-|-2-0-2-0-|-------|---------------0-| E|-----|--------------|---------|-1-0==-|-0-1-3-4-0-1-3---| Guitar, basically repeating the trumpet passage, here tabbed to indicate doublepicking: hu!hu! hu! E|---------|-----------|---------|-----------|-----------| B|---------|-----------|---------|-----------|-----------| G|---------|-----------|---------|-----------|-----------| D|---------|-----------|---------|-----------|-----------| A|-0-0-0-0-|-0-0-0-----|-2-2-2-2-|-2-2-2-0h2-|-3-3-3-2h3-| E|---------|-------4h5-|---------|-----------|-----------| hu! E|-----------|---------|---------|-----------|-----------|---------| B|-----------|---------|---------|-----------|-----------|---------| G|-----------|---------|---------|-----------|-----------|---------| D|-----------|---------|---------|-----------|-----------|---------| A|-6-6-3h6-6-|-7-7-7-7-|-7-7-7-7-|-8-7h8-7-5-|-7-5h7-5-3-|-2-2-2-2-| E|-----------|---------|---------|-----------|-----------|---------| 1pick piano enters E|---------|-------------|---------|---------|---------| B|---------|-------------|---------|---------|---------| G|---------|-------------|---------|---------|---------| D|---------|-------------|---------|---------|---------| A|-2-2-2-2-|-5-3h5-3-2p0-|-#-0-2-0-|---------|---------| E|---------|-------------|---------|-1-0-0-0-|-0-0-0-0-| (Piano trills continue for 3 measures) (base and rhythm continue for 3 more measures) Repeat high E-string guitar passage, with piano embellishments. r>Von : rogers@denier.Hi.COM (Di, 14.03.95 14:18) r>Name: Andrew Rogers r>Wg. : Re: REQ: Son of a Preacher Man, Crds, Riffs r> r>OK, the intro riff is r> r>(E) r> r>-------12-12---------------------------- r>-11s12---------------------------------- r>------------------14-13----------------- r>------------------------14-14----------- r>---------------------------------------- r>---------------------------------------- r> r>where the high E's are played with twelfth-fret harmonics. r> r> r>The chords are r> r> E r> Billy Ray was a preacher's son r> A E r> And when his daddy'd visit he'd come along When they gathered round and started talking That's when Billy would take me walking, all through the backyard we'd go walking, then he'd looked into my eyes, lord knows to my surprise r>chorus: r> E The only one who could ever reach me r> A E r> Was the son of a preacher man r> E r> And the only boy who could ever teach me r> A E r> Was the son of a preacher man r> E B A r> Yes he was, was, yes he was r> r> [repeat intro] r> r> [another verse - something about "bein' good isn't always r>easy"] Bein' good isn't always easy, no matter hard I try, when he started sweettalking to me, he'd come and tell my everything is allright he'd kiss it down and everything's allright Can I get away again tonight ? r> [repeat chorus] r> r>bridge: r> r> [A] D r> Oh yes he was How will I remember r> A r> The look within his eyes r> Stealin' kisses from me on the sly r> B7 r> Takin' time to make time r> Tellin' me that he's all mine r> E r> Learnin' from each other's knowin' Looking to see how uch we've grown r>coda [repeat to fade] And the only one who could ever reach me was the son of a preacher man The only boy who could ever teach me Was the son of a preacher man Yes he was, he was, oh yes he was coda [repeat to fade] A The only boy who could ever reach me D Was the sweet-talkin' son of a preacher man [sort of ad-libbed] r>-- AWR again (anyone wanna polish up the lyrics and submit it?) Think I just did it ... Here's that "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" tune from Pulp Fiction, in which the Urge OVerkill guy does his best Neil Diamond. Enjoy. {t:Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon} {st:Urge Overkill} #Original By : Jonathan Eyre (scuw5@central.susz.ac.uk) #Updated By : Craig (Drizzt@clark.net) {define D# bass-fret 1 frets x x 4 2 3 2} {sot} {c:Intro} Girl, |--------------------------- |--------------------------- |------3----2----0---------- |-0------------------------- |--------------------------- |--------------------------- You'll be a woman.... soon {eot} (Main Riff - Speedy Tempo) Gm I love you so much, can't count all the ways Gm I've died for you girl and all I can say is F He's not your kind. Gm You never get tired of putting me down Gm And I'll never know when I'll come around F D# But I'm going to fight - Don't let them make up your mind. Don't you know..... (CHORUS) Gm C F Gm Girl, You'll be a woman soon. Gm C F F Please, Come take my hand or Soon, Youll need a man Gm I've been missing you all of my life Gm Then someone like him cuts like a knife F The boys no good Gm Well If I'm finally gone while looking poor Gm But they get a chance when off the shore F D# I'm sure they would - I've done all I could.. Now it's up to .... (CHORUS) (CHORUS) (- Piano Solo -) (CHORUS) (CHORUS) Chords E A D G B e Gm 3 5 5 3 3 3 e ||行衸行衸楔衸行衸行衸 B ||行衸行衸楔衸行衸行衸 G ||行衸行衸楔衸行衸行衸 D ||行衸行衸行衸行衸楔衸 A ||行衸行衸行衸行衸楔衸 E ||行衸行衸楔衸行衸行衸 F 1 3 3 2 1 1 e ||楔衸行衸行衸行衸行衸 B ||楔衸行衸行衸行衸行衸 G ||行衸楔衸行衸行衸行衸 D ||行衸行衸楔衸行衸行衸 A ||行衸行衸楔衸行衸行衸 E ||楔衸行衸行衸行衸行衸 D# - - 5 3 4 3 e ||行衸行衸楔衸行衸行衸 B ||行衸行衸行衸楔衸行衸 G ||行衸行衸楔衸行衸行衸 D ||行衸行衸行衸行衸楔衸 A ||行衸行衸行衸行衸行衸 E ||行衸行衸行衸行衸行衸 C - 3 2 0 1 0 e |ㄐ行|行衸行衸行衸行衸 B ||楔衸行衸行衸行衸行衸 G |ㄐ行|行衸行衸行衸行衸 D ||行衸楔衸行衸行衸行衸 A ||行衸行衸楔衸行衸行衸 E ||行衸行衸行衸行衸行衸