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 Flower de Moby

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Flower - Moby The following is all my own work. I figured out how to play this a while ago and since I didn't see it here, thought I would include it. When playing this song, I prefer to use bar chords; it gives the song a fuller sound. However, you can use open chords just as well. The ticking sound during the N.C section can be made by picking the top two strings while holding them down at the first fret and muting them. *NOTE*: Listen to the song to get the timing down as well as where to start and stop playing. The times through the verses varies a bit, although it's usually four times. Normal tuning. c D Green sally up And... C D Lift and squat Gotta.... (x4) F Green sally up And... G Lift and squat Gotta... (x1) N.C Old miss... Left... {REPEAT} Any correction or comments, please e-mail me at: