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 Donwloading Porn With Davo de Moldy Peaches

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Donwloading Porn With Davo - Moldy Peaches sur
The Moldy Peaches >From their self-titled album Brought to you by the Bean Downloading Porn with Davo Warning: you gotta be quick to play this one!!! EADGBe During the verse, you almost need to play AhDpA - that is, play an A chord, x02220, then with lightning speed, switch to a D chord: xx0232, then back to the A chord,x02220. I'll write this as A(D), but this pattern continues throughout the verse... It gets even more interesting in the chorus, where the same sequence is shifted up a tone to B(E): I find it easier to play xx444x --> xxx454 or xx444x --> xx2100. A7(D7) is a little easier if you play x02020 --> xx0202, obvioulsly - you could just play this throughout instead of just in the chorus, if you faid it too fast. A(D) Sleepin in a van... A(D) Downloading... B(E) Downloading... A7(D7) Put a latch... A(D) Downloading... There ya go, and God speed, Please e-mail me with any comments, suggestions, requests etc.