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 Little Bunny Foo Foo de Moldy Peaches

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Little Bunny Foo Foo - Moldy Peaches sur
The Moldy Peaches >From their self-titled album Brought to you by the Bean The song so simple it barely constitutes a tab: Little Bunny Foo Foo Strum chord once per letter... AA-DD-EE-DD AA-DD-E EE EE EE E and repeat that bit for a while then end on an A G Simple, so fantastic... apparently this is the first ever Moldy Peaches song, strummed by the lass who's name I've forgotten (Karela?? I dunno, I should look it up) to Adam... The words are a derivation from the Canterbury Tales, so I am told, from the tale of 'little bunny Fey-Fey'. Any comments, suggestions, etc, just let me know... make me look popular and fill my inbox :D