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 Lucky Charms de Moldy Peaches

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The Moldy Peaches >From their self-titled album Brought to you by the Bean Lucky Charms Played on the guitar but it sounds pretty awesome on the Mandolin :D Part 1 G||-----------------0---> First Time D||o-2-0-2---2-0-2------> to Bit 1 A||o--------------------> Next Time E||---------------------> to Bit 2 Bit A----------------------------------¬ G|--------|---------------------------|| D|-2---0--|--0---0---0---0-----------o|| Back to A|--------|----3-------3-----0-0-----o|| Part 1 E|--------|-----------------------3---|| Bit 2-------------------------------¬ G|-5--4-2-|------------------------|| D|--------|--2-0---2-0-------------|| Finé A|--------|--------------3----3-3--|| E|--------|------------------------|| Any comments, suggestions, etc, just let me know... make me look popular and fill my inbox :D