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 The Ballad Of Helen Keller And Rip Van Winkle de Moldy Peaches

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The Ballad Of Helen Keller And Rip Van Winkle - Moldy Peaches sur
The Moldy Peaches >From their self-titled album Brought to you by the Bean The Ballad of Helen Keller and Rip Van Winkle There's two guitars used in this song, one of which plays the following on loop throughout: C e||--------------------------|| B||-------1---------3--------|| G||o--------0---------0-----o|| D||o----------2---------2---o|| A||-----3---------3----------|| E||--------------------------|| and the other which adds this little riff over the top at key moments: (I haven't bothered to find out the times, you should be able to work it out yourself - it's pretty obvious) e||--------------------------|| B||--------------------------|| G||------0----------0--------|| D||---2-----2--0-0-----2-----|| A||--------------------------|| E||--------------------------|| That's your lot! Please e-mail me with any comments, suggestions, requests etc.