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 Last Train To Clarksville de Monkees

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Last Train To Clarksville - Monkees sur
From uunet!!!!rutgers!ub!!!v085pcqr Thu Sep 17 22:26:41 PDT 1992 Article: 2339 of Path:!uunet!!!!rutgers!ub!!!v085pcqr Newsgroups: Message-ID:> Sender: Organization: University at Buffalo Lines: 77 News-Software: VAX/VMS VNEWS 1.41 Nntp-Posting-Host: a while back, someone posted seeking some songs by The Monkees posted, so i dug out my original Colgems albums, dusted the turntable, and heres what i got: (btw, i have no idea about the publishing of these, other than that they are owned by Colgems Music) THE MONKEES ----------- LAST TRAIN TO CLARKSVILLE the intro riff to this song is simple arpegging, in the first position G chord: -----------------------|----------------|------------------------------------ -----------------------|----------------|------------0-----0----------------- ------0----------------|----0-----------|----0-----0-----0------------------- ----------3---2---0----|------3--2--0---|--------3-----2-----0--------------- -----------------------|----------------|------------------------------------ ----3------------------|--3-------------|--3--------------------------------- ^ | this figure is repeated thruout the verses, up until the chord change to C7 [G] take the last train to clarksville and i'll meet you at the station you can be here at 4:30 cause i've made my reservation don't be [C7] slow, oh no no no, oh no no no [G] cause i'm leaving in the morning and i won't see you again we'll have one more night together, til the morning brings my train and i must [C7] go, oh no no no, oh no no no [D] (i think - this is from memory right now) and i don't know if i'm ever coming [G] home the rest of the verses continue in the same way, but i still don't have the bridge worked out yet i also have "Daily Nightly" (from the 4th album) "Pleasant Valley Sunday" "I'm A Believer" "You Just May Be the One" "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone" and i'm working on others which i will post in the next couple of days. also, as a personal side note, anyone who would have any of the Monkees albums on the Colgems label OR the RHINO re-releases (any condition) and would like to sell them, please e-mail me. in particular i'm looking for "The Birds, The Bees, and The Monkees" "Head" "Greatest Hits Vol. 3" (the picture disc) "Changes" and any others (i have the first four on Colgems , and the 2 Arista Greatest Hits tapes) looking forward to a MONKEES reunion WITH Mike Nesmith, i remain--- CROWEHEAD