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 Watching & Waiting de Moody Blues

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Watching & Waiting - Moody Blues sur
e: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 15:04:11 -0400 Watching And Waiting (Justin Hayward/Ray Thomas) THE MOODY BLUES From To Our Children's Children's Children, 1969 ** CaddF: x30211 ** CaddD: x30230 F / / / Em / / / (x4) Verse 1: F Em F Em Watching and waiting, for a friend to play with F C CaddF C CaddD C Why have I been alone so long F Em F Em Mole he is burrowing, his way to the sunlight F C CaddF C CaddD C He knows there's someone there so strong Chorus: G F G 'Cos here there's lots of room for doing F C D The things you've always been denied G F G G look and gather all you want to F C D There's no one here to stop you trying C Am D C G C Verse 2: Soon you will see me, 'cos I'll be all around you But where I come from I can't tell Don't be alarmed by my fields and my forests They're here for only you to share (chorus) F Em F Em Watching and waiting, for someone to understand me F C I hope it won't be very long F / / / Em / / / (repeat to fade) **** submitted by Dann Butterfield ****