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 Driving Your Girlfriend Home de Morrissey

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Driving Your Girlfriend Home - Morrissey sur
Author/Artist: Morrissey Title: Driving Your Girlfriend Home Album: Kill Uncle Transcribed by: Benjamin Hudson Email: I couldn't find this one anywhere on the web, so I sat down and did it myself. It's a 3/4 beat (I think), but it's pretty easy to follow. I think this is about dead on, but if you think you have a correction, let me know! Comments are welcome. Intro: G-|-----9-------9-------9-------9--- D-|---9---9---9---9---9---9---9---9- A-|-7-------7-------7-------7------- E-|--------------------------------- I'm driving... G-|---9---------------|---9---------------|--------------------- D-|-----11------------|-----11------------|-------------------0- A-|-9------11-----0-2-|-9------11-----0-2-|-9-9-/-2-2-9-9-/-2--- E-|-----------2-4-----|-----------2-4-----|--------------------- "G how did I end up..." G-|---------------------|---------------------|--------------------- D-|-------------------0-|-------------------0-|---0---Back to Intro- A-|-----0-0-3-3-0-2-3---|-----0-0-3-3-0-2-3---|-2------------------- E-|-3-3-----------------|-3-3-----------------|--------------------- That same pattern repeats for the rest of the song, except the last line: And we're shaking hands... G-|---9---------------|--- D-|-----11------------|--- A-|-9------11-----0-2-|--- E-|-----------2-4-----|-0- (let ring) That's it! This was my first attempt at tabbing... not too shabby, huh? Have fun, and good luck... -Benzilla