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 For Yasgurs Farm de Mountain

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For Yasgurs Farm - Mountain sur
I play chords as follows: F# & F#m barr in 2nd position C# & C#m barr in 4th position B5/C5 barr (w/octave) in 2 & 3 Eb barr in 3rd position The rest in open position The lead is easy to figure (sorry - too lazy to tab) (not saying it's easy to make it sound like leslie west) Intro D E F# A E F#m Who am I but you and the sun D E F#m A sad reflection in everyone D E A C#m Was it me who let you walk away D C5 C# Were you the one or is it we^re the same A E F#m What are we in time going by D E F#m The simple story of a younger life D E A C#m Happy dreams and somehow through the day D B5 C5 C# We haven^t come so far to lose our way F# E Look at me, I believe it^s true Eb D E You^re a part of me, I^m a part of you Love is only what we come to know The walking, breathing and all with you A crystal passing reflected in our eyes Eclipsing all the jealousy and lies Look at me Can^t you see it^s true You^re a part of me I^m a part of you Quiet as the voices in a dream Without two shadows the things I^ve seen Remember the evening I let you walk away Were you the one Or is it were the same Look at me, I believe it^s true You^re a part of me I^m a part of you