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t. See for more information. # #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# This is really a funky song, based on the 70's blues riff. It is relatively easy to play, if played on the correct order and path. Verse Play it along with a undistorted guitar, on chords A and G for about 4 times, then "enter" the chorus A G E--0-3-3-5----0-3-3-5----0-3-5-3---0-3-5-3----- A---------7-5--------7-5--------5-3-------5-3-- D---------------------------------------------- G---------------------------------------------- Chorus Play this riff twice, then back to verse pt E--0-3-3-------------------3-5-6---3-5--------- A-------0-2-3----0-2-3----------3-5---1-1-1-1-- D------------0-2------0-2-0-------------------- G---------------------------------------------- Then up again to the verse pt. Note that a guitar with a small Fuzz distortion is to be played along with the bass on the same riff The rithm maintains and tries to follow the riffs on fifth shaped chords, and quick changes of rythm. Enjoy Jorge Cunha