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 In Your World de Muse

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In Your World - Muse sur
Artist/Song : Muse - In Your World    Released with "Deadstar" as a single     I like this number a lot - great powerful chorus and typically Muse riffs.   Verse   -----    G------------------4-5----------------------------  D----------------------000000-5-7---------7-9----- A-000000-57-888888-----------------777777--------- E-------------------------------------------------   Pre-Chorus  ----------   G---------------------------------2-------2-------1-----------   D-----------------2-----2-3-0-2-3---3-2-3---3-2-3---3-2-3----- A-3-0-2-3-5-2-3-5---3-5--------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------------    Chorus ------   G-------------------------------------- D-------------------------------------- A-888-33-88-33-77-00-77-00------------- E--------------------------------------   And that`s pretty much it apart from the last time round the verse just play  the root notes ( A, F, D and E without the little lead-in-riffs).   *********************** Dont forget to mail me if I got it wrong, or suggestions etc.   Stagletto webpage - - mail -   ***********************