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 Showbiz de Muse

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This is a workable guitar tab of Showbiz from the first Muse album, Showbiz. Transcribed by simon smith, Nottingham UK, and all my own work. Obviously some of this is played on bass but I use this for doing a workable one-man version. It shouldn't be difficult to adapt it to your own needs. No attempts here at a full transcription, but enough to get you by with a passable attempt. Haven't done the solo or ad lib parts: someone else already had a go at the basic riff around which the solos are based (the melody). Capo on 2nd fret - standard EADGBE tuning. All fret positions refer to actual (absolute) positions except open string markers. Verse - Bass bit (Intro & between vocal lines) E (F#) - B (C#) - G (A) - D (E) - A (B) - E (F#) 0 Listen to the track - you can bang this or do it muted - and add the occasional slide up to the 9th or 10th fret to simulate the bass sound on the track. Verse - when he sings (absolute fret positions) Controlling my feelings for too..,. +(Bass bit after), all x2, then two more of these parts without the bass bit in the build up to the chorus. Controlling my... E (F#) x B (C#) (0) (I optionally play this string open at the same time) G (A) x D (E) x A (B) 9 E (F#) x Forcing our darkest... E (F#) x- B (C#) x- G (A) x- D (E) x- A (B) 9- E (F#) 10 Forcing our darkest... E (F#) x- B (C#) x- G (A) x- D (E) x- A (B) 5- E (F#) 7- (Repeat these last two parts for the "line pushing us into... x2" CHORUS First time round I pick these chords. On other choruses I bang them out as full-fat chords with the "optionally open" strings open - likewise with the outro. You make... E (F#) 0- B (C#) 10 (optionally open) G (A) 11 D (E) 11 A (B) 9- E (F#) 0- me... E (F#) 0- B (C#) 9- (optionally open) G (A) 10 D (E) 11 A (B) 11 E (F#) 0- make me... E (F#) 0- B (C#) 0- G (A) 0- D (E) 11 A (B) 11 E (F#) 9- ..dream your dreams.. E (F#) 0- B (C#) 0- G (A) 5- D (E) 7- A (B) 7- E (F#) 5-