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 Everythings Alright de Nathan And Charlie

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Everythings Alright - Nathan And Charlie sur
Everything's Alright Nathan and Charlie ...don't pass us by... Copyright 1994 The Generation Productions taber Samuel Rainey ( capo 3 intro: C h3 (hammer 3rd string) G Em h3 F (2x) verse1 C h3 G Em h3 F Seems like a good place to be, me walkin' with you, you walkin' with me, C h3 G Em h3 F me feelin' pain, and you bringin' peace, and everything's allright, C h3 G Em h3 F seems like a sweet sweet thing, for you to whisper to me, and callout your name C h3 G Em h3 F me fallin' down, to see your love remains, and everything's allright Chorus: C G Em F (a little faster than the verses) Everything's Allright (4 times) Everything, Everything's Allright verse2 -------same as verse 1---------- Seems like a nice thing to think of, just to sit and think of your love me feelin' empty, you fillin' me up, and everything's allright Seems like a fine to wait on, youre love always sings a sweet song eyes on heaven, hands up, my heart longs, come take me home Bridge: G Em C F Oh your sweet love is comin' down, to put me up on solid ground, C G Em F Where the cross is firm man chorus