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 After The Gold Rush de Neil Young

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After The Gold Rush - Neil Young sur
After The Gold Rush Written By Neil Young Well,[D]I dreamed I saw the knights in[G] armour comin', Sayin[D] somethin' about a[G] queen There were[D] peasants singin' and[A] drummers drummin', And the[G] archer split the[A] tree There was a[Bm] fanfare blowin' [C]to the sun, There was[G] floating on the[C] breeze [D]Look at Mother Nature[A] on the run, In the[C] Nineteen-Seven[G]ties [D]Look at Mother Nature[A] on the run,in the[C]Nineteen-Seven[G]ties I was[D] lying in a burned out[G] basement,with a[D]full moon in my[G] eye I was [D]hoping for re[A]placement,when the[G] sun burst through the[A] sky There was [Bm] band playing[C] in my head,and I[G]felt like getting [C]high I was [D]thinking about what a[A] friend had said I was[C] hoping it was a[G] lie [D]Thinking about what[A] friend had said, I was[C] hoping it was a[G] lie Solo: -----0-0-0-0-0-----0------0-0--------------0-2-3-2-0-------0-- -3-3-----------3-3----3-3-----3-3-3----3-3-----------3-3-3---- -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- ---0-2-----2-0----5-7-5-2--2-2--0---0---0-2-------0--- -3-----3-3------------------------3---------3-3-3----- ------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------ -----0-0-0-0--2-3-2--0-0--0-2----------- -3-3---------------------------3-3-0-3-- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- [Repeat that last line once more] Well I[D] dreamed I saw the silver[G]spaceship lyin' in the [D]yellow haze of the[G] sun There were[D] children crying and[A] colours flying all a[G]round the chosen[A] one All in a[Bm] dream, all [C]in a dream the [G]loading had be[C]gun [D] Flying mother nature's[A] silver seed to a[C] new home in the[G] sun [D]Flying mother nature's[A] silver seed to a[C] new home