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 Old Country Waltz de Neil Young

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Old Country Waltz - Neil Young sur
The Old Country Waltz by Neil Young >From the album American Stars 'n Bars Submitted by Malc Brookes> Tuning: Standard, EADGBE. Chords: C12 x32013 C/B x2x010 C/A X0x010 Intro: G / / D / / G / / G7 / / C / / Em / / Am / / Am / / C / / Em / / D / / C12 / / G / / D / / C C/B C/A G / / Verse: G D G G7 They were playing that old ... C Em Am Am In this empty bar echoing ... C Em D C12 When I first got the bad news .... G D C C/B C/A G The band played the old .... Verse: G (rest) D (rest) G G7 Well, I loved, and I lost, .... Instrumental (as intro): Bridge: C C Out the window .... G G7 On the roofs ... C C G D While I knock down .... G D C C/B C/A G And the band plays the ... Verse: G (rest) D (rest) G G7 And we're playing it, that .... G D Em C G That good old ...