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lyrics: audio chords: audio corrections/additions welcome rcwoods| ----------------- Words : Harvest Am F G Em x4 Am F Someone and someone were down by the pond G Am Lookin' for somethin' to plant in the lawn. Am F Out in the fields they were turnin' the soil G Am I'm sittin' here hopin' this water will boil Am F When I look through the window and out on the road G Am They're bringin' me presents and saying hello. Am F G Am Singing Words words between the lines of age. Am F G Am Words words between the lines of age. Am F G Em x14 If I was a junkman sellin' you cars, Washin' your windows and shinin' your stars, Thinkin' your mind was my own in a dream What would you wonder and how would it seem? Livin' in castles a bit at a time The King started laughin' and talkin' in rhyme. Singing Words, Words between the lines of age Am F G Em x8 (to fade)