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 Im Like A Bird de Nelly Furtado

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Author/Artist: Nelly Furtado Album: Whoa, Nelly! Title: I'm Like a Bird Transcribed by: Ramsey Email: Standard tuning and capo on the 3rd fret (like On The Radio). In the parentheses I included the basic chord shapes in respect to the capo, 3rd fret = open strings. Outside the parentheses are the chords without the capo. An easy song -- questions, please drop me an email.   INTRO Gm(Em) | Bb(G) | Cm(Am) | Eb(C) Bb(G) | F(D) | Cm(Am) | Eb(C)   VERSE Bb(G) | Gm(Em) | Bb(G) | F(D) - 2x   PRE-CHORUS Eb(C) | F(D) | Eb(C) | F(D)   CHORUS Bb(G) | F(D) | Cm(Am) | Eb(C) - 2x *Repeat all parts above   BRIDGE Eb(C) | Gm(Em) | Eb(C) | F(D) Eb(C) | Gm(Em) | Eb(C) | F(D) | F(D)   PRE-CHORUS Eb(C) | F(D) | Eb(C) | F(D) Eb(C) | F(D) | Eb(C) | F(D) | F(D)   CHORUS