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 The Grass Is Green de Nelly Furtado

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Author/Artist: Nelly Furtado Album: Folklore Title: The Grass Is Green Transcribed by: Ramsey Email: Great song, probably her next release. Everything is played with a capo 3rd fret and I just used basic chords. Play it as if the 3rd fret is open (ie. C chord is actually an Eb, etc.). Any questions, please let me know. I transcribed the piano solo as well. INTRO Dm | Am - 2x VERSE Dm | Am - 3x C | G CHORUS F | C | G | G - 2x BRIDGE C | Em | Am | F Am | Em | G | G SOLO *chorus progression played in background |-------------------------------------------------------| |--1-p-0---------1---1-p-0---------1---1-p-0---------0--| |--------2-p-0-------------2-p-0-------------2-p-0------| |--------------3-----------------2-----------------0----| |-------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------| |--------------------------0-1--| |--1-p-0---0---------0-1-3------| |--------2-------0-2------------| |------------2-3----------------| |-------------------------------| |-------------------------------| CHORUS