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 Aimless Desire de New Model Army

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e: Sun, 10 May 1998 11:49:23 +0200 @Song-Name: Aimless Desire @Artist-Name: New Model Army @Transcribers-Name: Juergen Bohn Juergen Bohn, -------------------------------------------------------- Aimless Desire / New Model Army (Strange Brotherhood) -------------------------------------------------------- [Intro] |: G Em :| (guitar, effects) [Bridge] | G Em | Bb Em | [Verse 1] G(III) Em Bb Em I was working shift on the six o'clock, quiet in the pale dawn. G(III) Em Found a bird caught in the machinery - Bb Em set it free and watched it go . . . G(III) Em Bb C Quit the job that very day, and flew into the sky D Em D just following after this aimless desire, Em D Em D Em D the awful desire, the aimless desire, worthless desire... [Verse 2] Now I've found causes and I've found families, but nothing ever lasts; I've known people I'd die for - if only they had asked. Where I'm from is not my home, and neither's where I'm bound; Just following after this aimless desire - worthless desire . . . [Verse 3] G tonight, beneath the bridge where the fires burn, God . . . take the freedom back, deliver me from the aimless desire, the worthless desire . . . And chimera she waits, and I have still got this hole in me; still got this hole inside of me . . .