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 To Know You de Nichole Nordeman

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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- To Know You Nichole Nordeman - Wide Eyed ©1998 Star Song records Tabbed by Clint Beard - This is my first ever tab that I've put on the net. If you see any mistakes, please let me know. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- (INTRO) Fm Eb Fm Eb Bb (listen to timing) (VERSE 1) Fm It's well past midnight Bbsus Bb And I'm awake with questions that won't Fm Wait for daylight Bbsus Bb /C Db Separating fact from my imaginary fiction Fm On this shelf of my conviction Bbsus Bb I need to find a place Csus C Where You and I come face to face (VERSE 2) Fm Thomas needed Bbsus Bb Proof that You had really risen Fm Undefeated Bbsus Bb When he placed his fingers /C Db Where the nails once broke Your skin Fm Did his faith finally begin? Bbsus Bb I've lied if I've denied Csus C The common ground I've shared with him (CHORUS) Db Ab And I, I really want to know You Eb I want to make each day /C Bbm Db A different way that I can show You how Ab I really want to love You Eb Be patient with my doubt /C Bbm /C Db I'm just tryin' to figure out Your will Eb Fm And I really want to know You still (VERSE 3) Fm Nicodemus Bbsus Bb Could not understand how You could Fm Truly free us (no chord) He struggled with the image Db Of a grown man born again Fm We might have been good friends Bbsus Bb Cuz sometimes I still question, too Csus C How easily we come to You (BACK TO CHORUS) (BRIDGE) Fm Bbsus Bb Fm No more campin' on the porch of indecision Bbsus Bb /C Db Ab No more sleepin' under stars of apathy Bbsus Bb And it might be easier to dream Csus C But dreamin's not for me (BACK TO CHORUS) (ENDING-Db and Ab alternate for the rest of the song.)